The Fastest Way To Internet Riches Hands Down

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The holy grail of making money online is to be able to quit that 9-5 job and rely soley on the income that you make on the internet. This rarely happens for people. The top three biggest reasons people never see their dreams come to fruition are1) because they dont really think the can, 2) they give up half way through, 3) or they make too many mistakes and are destined for failure. The cold hard fact is you can make money online but it wont be the boat loads that you are imagining. The one steadfast way to make money online is by starting a cool blog, getting visitors to it, and capitolizing on the adspace.

This isn’t as hard as it sounds but its definately not easy. There are many blog platforms out there to choose from but the most popular is wordpress. You can start a free wordpress blog anytime it tickles your fancy and you wont be charged a cent. Next step is to get visitors. You shouldn’t ever pay to get visitors. When you pay for traffic you get visitors who are more or less forced to visit your site and therefore have a low chance of staying there long or ever clicking any ads( and they’ll never buy anything for that matter). Organic traffic is what you want. Visitors that find your blog while searching for exactly what you are writing about are labeled “organic traffic” because you didn’t advertise to these people or pay for them, they just found your site because they were searching for what your blog is about. What you want to do is post an original article to your blog everyday and write about something that interests you. Before you know it you’ll have a thriving blog bringing in thousands of visitors a week. If you consider that %5 percent of your visitors click one of your ads and each click pays you 2.50 then you can figure that you’ll make an extra $250.00 per two thousand visitors. Not bad for twenty minutes of work a day… Now imagine if you could profit from your work residually. hands down the best way to make money online is to get involed with an affiliate program. The best that I have come across to date is College Cash Cow. They are a growing site that pays their members residually for referrals.

With their three-tier system, you can be paid monthly and three levels deep in you referral downline. I have been operating a few blogs here and there but I have never seen as much success as I have with College Cash Cow. It’s very easy to get started, all you have to do is sign up for an alertpay account, sign up for a College Cash Cow account (which is free for the first month and you dont have to submit a credit card or anything) and you are ready to get started! I have made over triple with College Cash Cow than I have made with all my blogs combined and I have only been at it for about 4 weeks. If you are truly interested in making money online, I would highly recomend that you give College Cash Cow a try. Good Luck!

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How To Make Money Online Without Spending A Cent.

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Now that you have decided you want to start making money online, what is the next step? Well for starters you need to do your homework. Find out what sells online and start selling it. Are you going to sell a product or a service? Selling a product online brings with it many different issues. Where are you going to get this product? Are you going to make it? Many people have had success creating and marketing their own infoproducts and software. Selling ebooks online is old hat and you really need a top notch product and a solid market to make any real money from it. It is completely free to compose a pdf file (ebook) about your expertise and sell it on a free website. Although its not impossible, it is difficult to find the right niche market to capitolize upon and market your ebook in a way that makes potential customers buy it. This approach requires alot of market research and careful planning.
If you dont consider yourself a writer or a software designer there are still quite a few options for you. Advertising sells very well on the internet. The time tested method is to start a blog, gain some popularity and traffic and sell adspace to individuals or companies for a monthly fee. This can be a long and tedious process with little profits at first but if you stick with it the money is sure to follow. Begin by starting a free blog (WordPress is one of the more famous platforms) and writing about what you love to do. It can range from flying model airplanes to fix up projects around your home. Give people some useful information, post some intriguing photos and before you know it your members will begin adding posts. With a little luck you can run a thriving blog and capitolize on it with google adsense and private adspace sales. Once the blog becomes popular enough you can even sell it for a pretty penny. Keep in mind, although it is free to start these blogs, it will take lots of time and effort in order to make them successful.
One way people make money online is to get involved with a referral program or start an affiliate marketing campaign. There are a multitude of sites on the internet that will gladly pay you for bringing them customers, visitors and new members. Be careful when choosing a site to join up with, many sites are cheap or free to join. Avoid sites that have a high buy in price or require you to refer a certain number of people before they pay you. The best referral site that I have come across is called College Cash Cow. They offer high incentives for referrals and they pay their members monthly. The best part is you are paid residually for referrals to College Cash Cow. If you get people sign up one month, they will continue to pay you each month for those referrals! There really is no limit to the money that you can make with your referrals because you will also make money from your referral’s referrals and the referrals that those secondary referrals get as well! I have come across quite a few referral programs but College Cash Cow really takes the cake. However you choose to start making money on the internet, be smart and do your homework first, you will be glad you did. Good luck!

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Making Money Online: Why You Are Doing It Wrong!

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When someone first decides to start persuing some income online, what is the first thing they do? Go to google and type in the phrase “making money online”. Bad call. Around 95% of information out there regarding making money online is either a scam, flat out wrong or just completely bogus. Real internet marketers laugh when they come across information like “Make $100,000 in your first 3 months with our system!” or “Quit your day job today! Our magical formula will send a windfall of cash to your bank account.” One has to wonder….Why is the author so excited to show me how to make thousands of dollars?

What in it for him? Oh yeah he wants me to send him $199.00 before I get rich. Those miracle systems and ebooks aren’t making anybody rich except the idiot who is peddling them. Any money that was ever made online was made in a traditional real-world manner. ( save bank hackers and scammers) Many marketers out there like to paint this picture that you can click a few buttons, reply to a few emails and see profits in your paypal account. That’s not reality. The truth is that the internet is a huge marketplace with vast untapped potential. In order to make any real money online, you have to follow a real-world business model. Basically sell a product or a service. There are other ways to make money online though. You can sell someone else’s product or service (affiliate marketing), you can be a middleman so to speak and broker other people’s goods or services. The other way to make money online is often overlooked by many. WORK. Thats right, be an online tutor, be a webmaster, do web design, be an online life coach, proof reader, copywriter, ….the list goes on and on. In order to work for yourself you have to market yourself and learn how to get people to hire you. The last but definately not least way to make money online is through social network marketing. Different than mlm, social network marketing takes advantage of the social network that you already have in place to leverage profits.

Hands down the fastest and easiest way I have discovered to make money online is through social network marketing. This newer method of marketing commonly targets networks such as Facebook, twitter, Digg, Bebo, and LinkedIn. Now keep in mind it takes more work than you might think ( If you consider facebooking and tweeting work). Checkout College Cash Cow. They have a great system setup for social network marketing and I have enjoyed alot of success as a result. Remeber to use good business practises when making money online, nobody likes spam. Good luck out there and don’t get scammed!

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