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Invasive E-Marketing Can Cause E-Headaches

by Diane Hughes

Once e-technology was introduced to marketing, many businesses moved to online marketing, utilizing email, e-newsletters and pop-up advertising on the Internet. This “interruption-based marketing”, has resulted in a marketing numbness of the consumer. The backlash of the constantly bombarded Internet browser has been more technology to block pop-ups, filter spam and calls from lawmakers for stricter regulations. These steps made against online marketing have resulted in the blocking of up to 37% of legitimate e-mails to ISP’s.

To take it one step further, an over exposure could result in consumers ‘tuning out’ or anger towards a company, especially on the Internet. The American Marketing Association estimates that legitimate e-mail blocked as spam will cost companies as much as $419 million in 2008. These sales will not be lost due the revenue spent in sending out blanket emails but because of the consumer backlash. Consumers have grown frustrated and tired of being constantly overwhelmed with meaningless advertisements that are not beneficial to them. Consider this scenario.

Let’s say you were in the midst of an important project that required your undivided attention. As you worked on this all-important project, your phone rang every five minutes. As you look at the caller ID (as we all do), you see it is a vendor that is attempting to sell you something. Since you did not answer the first ten times, the vendor continues to call, interrupting your thought process. Tell me, what comes to your mind?

Personally, I can think of many profane words. Unfortunately for the vendor, they are all profane. Not only would I refrain from buying from this vendor but I would also tell everyone I knew about the vendor’s escapades. For this reason, be weary of the companies that sell you the opportunity for so-called ‘legal’ email marketing. Not only do you risk not earning back the money spent, you risk running away potential customers.

Statistics show that effective marketing is not based upon saturation of consumers, but by how many of the right consumers are exposed to the advertisement. The business community is coming to understand that consumers only want choices on items in which they are in the market to buy. This means that in order for you to be effective, you must push towards responsible methods of advertising. How do you do that?

Realize that a wonderful website and personalized emails are not all necessary for successful e-business. Unfortunately, people view the Internet as an ‘easy’ medium for advertisement. Because there is such easy access to the Internet medium, your presence makes you no more special than the next guy. You must use your website as a point of reference. Learn to use effective titles, headings and SEO words on your site. This will rank them higher in the search engines. Then, once a customer comes, give them your best business and treat them right. If you do this, you will earn the positive ‘word-of-mouth’ rather than the profane.

No matter how easy Internet marketing might seem, you can not get around the basic foundations of marketing: Knowing your business and Knowing your customer. You would much rather potential customers receive an email from one of your customers testifying to your performance, than for them to receive one from you.


Diane Hughes
ProBizTips Weekly

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