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Who needs cash worse than college students? We’ve all heard the tales of ramen noodles and easy mac for dinner. Now, college students are earning easy money for themselves using Making Money Online

The site is simple, yet effective. Members earn money by utilizing their social skills; many of which, they already use on a daily basis. Depending on which membership you choose, you will earn $9.99 or $14.99 for each and every member you recruit to sign up at the site.

Think for a moment how many Facebook friends and Twitter followers you have. Now, imagine if you got $9.99 or $14.99 for every single one of them. Do the math. It could be some major income for yourself. Once you factor in all the other ways you can get people to join, including setting up a blog or talking on forums, the possibilities seem infinite.

The most creative and clever members are earning the most money. You could simply hang a few flyers up around your campus and BOOM, you have a few hundred extra dollars sitting in your bank account. I’ve also seen some members promoting the site, and themselves, on Youtube. Keep in mind, the more people who see the site and sign up, the more money you make for yourself.

The entire process consists of:


Now imagine all of the things a typical college student could use this site for. A clever member could earn enough money in his or her spare time to pay for school books, cell phone bills, food costs, and any one of the other various, inevitable expenses they’re going to incur.

Here are just a few ways you could make money using

1) Facebook friends (groups, fan pages, status updates, etc.)
2) MySpace messages
3) Send tweets out on your Twitter account and start earning $
4) Post flyers around campus on bulletin boarfds, benches, etc.
5) Write a blog
6) Make YouTube videos
7) Use craigslist
8) Don’t forget simple WORD OF MOUTH

How many people do you know and/or are connected with in some way? Start turning these people into real DOLLARS for yourself. It’s so simple and you could make some easy extra cash for yourself.

Visit here: Work From Home

S.C. McCoy – Financial Investigator Extraordinaire!

About the Author: S.C. McCoy regularly investigates the various money making ventures on the internet. The ventures are then tried out and reviewed. All opinions are his own and expressed with the intention of helping other make money online. Making money online can be a confusing and arduous process. These reviews are intended to help people decide which sites they should visit and participate it.

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Making The Most Of Your Time

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It paints a bleak picture of what will happen to your means of livelihood in the near future. By working online, you can benefit in many ways. With the ongoing recession, you lost the comfort zone feeling which you always maintain in relation to your job. Today, people talk a lot about the global crisis and its adverse effects in your economic life. when searching for work at home opportunities, try searching for the magic keywords “Work from the comfort of your home” and “work online”. Cybernet has come to the rescue by providing opportunities in easing economic crisis. The “last in, first out” policy is usually what corporations and a lot of industries follow in dismissing or in retrenching their employees.

To work online, you are have to have a your computer and a internet connection.

> By working at home, there is no boss to monitor what you are doing and you do not need to perform other tasks.
> Being a online employee, you are given the choice of working part-time or full-time as with any commuting jobs. Also, you can choose to be paid bi-weekly, monthly or get paid on a per project basis with online job employment.
> The online employment work can be easy and quick. If you are efficient and can keep deadlines in submitting your assignments, you are guaranteed continuous work from home.
> Your work at home salary is paid on the 15th and 30th of the month via PayPal or other reliable money service. The amount of which will depend upon the work you are doing or based on the standard paid for online jobs.

> Data entry – You have to be affiliated with a reputable website to get your source of work. Once you become a member, you are provided a list and you can choose the company you want.
> Virtual assistant – You will provide professional, administrative, social and creative assistance to clients from your home. Usually, you will be working for a broker or consultancy firm. Requirement is at least 5 years experience in administrative work.
> Freelancing jobs – As a free lancer, you are working for yourself and you need to promote yourself. You are an independent contractor offering your services to clients in various fields as in writing, sales, marketing and promotions.
> Writing/copy writing – There are plenty of writing jobs on line. You can write eBooks, articles, resumes, for website contents, press releases and others. The requirement is good English and perfect grammar.

Hang on to your money, do not send any for home directories or start up kits for work at home jobs. Check the online employer’s references on the internet and check for any mentions of scams related to this employer and outlets you should avoid. Check out the job listing. It is legitimate if it states clearly the payment policies as the amount of the salary, commission, days of payment and others.

The best part about creating your own business is that you will be your own boss and you can determine your own working schedule. Starting an online business can be easy to begin and you can do it even if you have a full time job. Learning more information about starting a online business will guarantee your success.

These positive attitudes are your bridges to success. A detailed plan for execution and how to go about organizing your business are provided. As the business is automated the money works for you, not you working for the money. This is not a quick-rich opportunity and does not promise an immediate large income.

Word of advice, before starting your work at home assignments look after your physical appearance first. If you live across the continent, your working from home hours will likely be the reverse of time at home. To remedy this problem, change your life style especially your sleeping habit. By working from home, you find it unnecessary to dress up and keep up a nice appearance.

Affiliate marketing is a procedure in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer that buys a product. With affiliate marketing, you will receive large commissions just by referring customers to some good quality products or services. Affiliate marketing is a innovative way of earning and doing business easily. Later, there are also secondary affiliate participants:the affiliate marketing agency, super affiliate and specialized 3rd parties.
need help starting your internet empire?:
> An affiliate program is the software platform which brings an affiliate (people working to earn money) together with the merchant (a company who is looking to sell products online).
> Resulting in a commission given to the affiliate.
> The affiliate agrees to promote a merchant’s goods on a website.

There is no specific best merchant program, you have to determine the one which is most suitable for you. Be wary of parasites or scums that try to redirect, overwrite and intercept your visitors. You can make your network the best by the tools provided to you. In building your first site, know HTML and apply graphics software and us generating tools for fast launching sites. Report them to the authorized website. Use a lot of banners in your website to attract attention to the product. Work at perfecting your system, be persistent and dedicated to make it work. There is no specific best network. The next step is putting up your site, keep it running successfully, make money and start to expand making more money in your new projects.

Advertisements from Google and Yahoo are free, so you start earning without paying additional expenses. Your own automated search engine can meet the demands of this exploding niche.

Affiliate marketing uses less stereo-typed methods, such as publishing reviews of products and service offered by partner.

Positively, payments are given for performance level and you do not need any marketing experience for a great amount of success depends upon your marketing technique.

You are required to have a computer and a internet connection. By using Profit Miracle, you are able to save time and effort in researching for the products your self. Profit Miracle is an internet traffic and an article making machine. Profit miracle is not a rehashed over used method that has been fully saturated. As soon as the Profit Miracle system is activated, this machine starts generating income for you. Using Profit Miracle, you will have a product that points which products are money-making niches and from here, you can read about the product.

> In this kind of work, you only search for the things you like.
> You only need to wait for the activity and the results will start instantly as you copy the articles.
> You do not need to be an expert in websites because it is very simple to set up.
> It is a time saver and you have what is needed to put online to gather the traffic to make money.

People are welcome to improve the Profit Miracle machine. Profit Miracle is income generated by traffic resulting from one article. More research was conducted to perfect the Profit Miracle automation system. the Profit Miracle automated campaign was able to produce 34 sales in one day. Use Profit Miracle the machine campaigns by copying exactly the same campaign that insures the same top dollar results. The Profit Miracle system will then execute and set it for you. Now it is fully controllable in terms of generating profits and handling traffics, thus the codename Profit Miracle.
want to take the easy way out?:
> Watch the money machine go and then sit down and wait for results.
> Choose a campaign to work with.

Using Profit Miracle, you just press a button and watch the cash pour into your bank account. The money comes into your bank account on autopilot verified proof.

> Thursday May 28 1,467.
> Wednesday June3 2,273.
> Sunday May 31 4,784.
> Monday, June 1 4,289.
> Thursday June 4 2,534.
> Saturday June 6 3,111.
> Wednesday May 27 2,533.
> Saturday May 30 5,159.

> Synthesize as your niche begins, combine your ideas with what the client’s need to create something new.
> Begin now, it is time to implement your ideas. For many, this is the most trying stage but do not be afraid because if you fulfilled your homework, you effort does not become a risk or gamble.
> Picture the customers’ worldview, your perspective for the customers and identify their concerns.
> Evaluate to determine if it is a good niche. If it fails in one of the criteria, scrape it off.

There is an estimate of 70 members who are fairly new in the affiliate marketing field. Then you can proceed and find another niche that you think will make money and set it up with just a few steps and clicks. Interesting subjects of the niches you can choose from are Family Problems, Pest Control, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, General Health, Working Online, Home Remedies, Drug Addition, Sexual Diseases, Lottery Secrets, Home Improvement, Love Life, Traveling, Music Entertainment, Self Defense, Money Making Variety, Veterans, Online Video Lessons, Foreign Language, Pet Training and Great Food. Profit miracle takes care of the traffic and provides the articles to be submitted. By using the Profit Miracle carbon copy, you will never have to work another day job again, no boss, no financial worry and no more broken promises to pay your credits. As to the question of where is the catch of the Profit Miracle system, there is always something you need to do and spend, in this case, you need to buy the Profit Miracle system in order to start working. As you log into the Profit Miracle system, you will be copying the campaign that you want to use and next, promote that product.

> What is happening to your business is not a dream but a reality. Your dreams have come with in modern day and age by combining technology and internet traffic and it’s made very simple for you.
> This is the famous propeller effect that Profit Miracle exhibits for the users. The income just shoots up and you literally cannot stop it from making money even if you try. For example, your income from Monday to Friday just goes up and up.

> It increases your bank account on demand with no recess.
> It gives you the privilege of never working again or for others in your entire life.
> It provides the most obscured niche lists, around 60 of them.
> It points out which outlets do not work so you can eliminate it and save your efforts.
> It supplies you with a never-ending supply of campaigns that profit using artificial exciting techniques.
> It hands you the resources needed to survive an invulnerable saturated competition.

> You are using all traffic methods that are totally automated.
> You are able to explore the faster and simpler way to make money online.
> If you are not satisfied, you are given a 60 days money-back guarantee.
> You make money online faster but with lesser learning and expenses.
> When you become an expert, you will make money online the most.

> And more
> Profit Miracle EBook.
> Beginner to Advanced Institute.

Control panels are easy to use and nicely laid out. The videos are easy to follow and directly stated. Its automated traffic and articles submitted are practical since users do not want to write and submit articles. You will have tons of niches to select from and that is only paid at one time.

> Google adwords madness system.
> SEO Vortex New.
> And more
> Forum Marketing.

The Profit Miracle system is not for people who do not believe in the idea of free traffic and automation. The Profit Miracle system, is currently being offered at a one-time special price for the system is 77. Profit Miracle is the future of affiliate marketing wherein you are using all free and at no cost methods. By simply promoting other peoples’ products, you will earn and will continue earning as you set the Profit Miracle system in place. What could be a better way to earn online and putting up a successful online business than Profit Miracle? Utilizing Profit Miracle and various forms of media online and putting in 2 to 3 hours a day can spell out the difference between your success or failure.

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Drive Traffic To Your Website Start Making Money Online Now!

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One of the most common needs of online business owners is traffic. Without traffic, your web site barely exists, and is unlikely to make any profit whatsoever. With traffic, you stand a much greater chance of success – but not just any traffic.

Newbies on the web frequently make the mistake of just wanting traffic, and join any and every program offering just that – “thousands of hits to your web site”, with the vast majority of them completely worthless. When their web sites fail to make any money, many of them give up on the web as a money-making myth.

For those that do persist, and try to learn from their experience, they realize it’s not just any traffic they need – it’s targeted traffic. That means web site visitors who actually want to visit (rather than those who are ‘forced’ to visit via some traffic exchange program), and so are actually interested in what you have to offer.

This type of traffic is far more profitable to you – your visitors are far more likely to purchase from you, simply because you have what they want.

But how can you attract targeted traffic? Here are ten tips:

1. Start An Affiliate Program work from home

This works by giving those who promote your products a commission if they make a sale. Over time you can build up an army of people who are busy promoting your web sites for you.

For many emarketers, affiliates account for a large portion of all their sales, and to do that, by definition they don’t have to pay to get a lot of traffic going their way.

You can get traffic see why big marketers all have an affiliate program in the marketing mix to grow traffic and sales levels.

For beginners who are selling digital products such as ebooks or software, the easiest and cheapest way to start your own affiliate program is through ClickBank. That’s how many started and still use them today.

2. Add Content to Your Web Site

Providing quality content on your web site is an excellent way to permanently increase traffic to your web site.

Search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo appear to favor web sites with a clear navigation structure that provide quality content within a certain genre – that means not adding anything you can think of to your web site, but to focus on a particular niche, and provide content broadly in line with that.

You don’t even have to create it all yourself. For example, look in article directories on the web for free reprint articles you can use. Chose the article subjects related to your web site topic. Here is a list of several such sites:

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About Get Paid To Websites

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A Get Paid To website can be used to earn some extra money for maybe a special occasion, holidays or just for everyday use. In order to use one of these sites you must register and become a member first. Once you are a member then you can start checking out what kind of offers they have for you to complete.

Some of the offers they may have you do is to submit your email address or join up on certain websites. After you do what task is required then that offer goes into what is called a pending stage meaning that it has to be verified in order for you to be credited. Other offers that may be on these kinds of websites is using your credit card for a trail offer or actually purchasing the product.

I have been on many of these get paid to websites and found them to be a valuable source of online income. So much as I created one and find the experience very rewarding. As you will find out that these types of companies can be reliable and dedicated to serve their members with respect and will always try to help them as much as possible.

I have also found that some of these can be cheaters and dishonest to a point that a lot of people don’t even want to join. I have and never will be those types and if you fill out the Registration form with the get paid to website I owned I will guarantee that you will be satisfied with everything we stand for.

Even more than that is the knowledge of knowing that you can trust a company that runs one of these websites. All in all they are pretty much reliable. I have been paid several times by a few of them and that being said I can say the regular paid to click websites are the ones that usually don’t pay you.

Most of the ones out there on the market today use bought scripts. The one I have and operate uses an original script made from scratch and works really well. If you try and do what the offers says for you to do and complete it then it should credit if the offer is from your region. I being the owner and having access to records I have noticed that some members try and do offers from other countries.

I can tell you from me doing some of those myself on other get paid to websites that they will not credit so don’t even try to do those. Just stick with the ones that are from your country and they should always credit. Thank you for reading this article and if you should ever have any questions regarding these types of websites please don’t hesitate to send in a support mail located under the appropriate links.

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Commission Fishin Making Money Online

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Created by the Clickbank super affiliate Stephen N. Comes a system so powerful and so unique it will make you money while you sleep! Introducing the Commission Fishin System! $34,409.42 in one month with no costs! That’s how powerful this system is! Easily ranking 1st place on Google, Yahoo and Bing for almost any keywords you desire! All With no Costs!


Believe it! Stephen N has posted real live clickbank proof of earnings and updates it every month! You can see for yourself! Just visit the official Commission Fishin website…

Unstoppable traffic equals sales everyday! We have all heard it before! But getting unstoppable traffic for free, with no costs is the key! That is what commission fishin is all about! Using free resources to get you hoards of traffic from the 3 major search engines google, yahoo and bing.

The Commission Fishin System is so simple yet so effective any affiliate can profit from it! Stephen N has 5 clickbank affiliate accounts! The one he tested with the commission fishin system currently earns over $1000 dollars a day on complete autopilot! You see there is a catch! A system so powerful such as this commission fishin system usually has a catch! The catch is there is only 500 copies being sold!

I am just glad that I grabbed my copy of the commission fishin system! And I am also proud to say that it acutually put me where I am today! Working at home only one hour every day as my own boss and currently earning over $500 everyday! I also know that there is so much more that I can actually learn from the system! The super affiliate Stephen N Is the king!

In his commission fishin system he totally exposes the super affiliates and and really does tell you how to beat them at their own game! I will give you a little secret! Just imagine how much easier it would be if you were promoting clickbank products 2 weeks ahead of everyone else and two weeks ahead of the actual clickbank product launch itself!

This is what commission fishin is all about! Dominating a pre clickbank product launch! And let me tell you it works!

Consider this a really easy at home chore! That makes you money! This is no get rich quick scheme!

Commission fishin is a simple fishing formula that works wonders for any average affiliate that wants to become a super affiliate as fast as possible! All with no costs! You will learn the proper way to promote your clickbank products for easy commissions!

Once again they are only selling 500 copies and then they are removing the public download for good! They are doing it to protect the system! If everyone is doing it then it all of a sudden does not become as effective!

So you must hurry! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am just glad I already secured my own personal copy!

To your future financial success!

commission fishincommission fishing
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Do You Wish To Succeed With Your Ends?

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Do you finish all your goals? If not, have you ever wondered why you didn’t? Your goals can be reached, but you need a idea of action to be successful.

Some of us set goals that seem almost impossible to acquire. We get very disheartened when our progress seems to be at a stand still. Sometimes we work so hard toward attaining the goal that we just give up when things aren’t going as quickly as we want them to. We become defeated, let-down, and our self-esteem goes down the tubes. Some almost give up, and, regrettably, some do.

Some may go back into their comfort zone, and therefore to habits that may not lead to success. We have to realize that we can’t get the goal immediately. It takes time, work, patience, and a desire to be prosperous.

Any marvelous action has come about by accomplishing smaller parts, one at a time. Do Olympic athletes get a gold medal because they have won a sports contest back in elementary school? Of course not, but they have worked by being successful at distinct stages of the sport.

Things that once were considered unachievable have been accomplished through the endless move of success. The unachievable has become possible by doing it one step at a time, one minute at a time, and one day at a time.

If you set a goal to make money online, do you think you would just go to the computer, turn it on one of the thousands of programs, and have money deposited to your bank account immediately? What if you knew nothing about a computer or network marketing? Do you think you’d be thriving just because you had set this goal? We know the answer to that!

The other day I saw this huge stone wall over a block long. I wondered what the person who built it thought when he was given the job? Do you think he felt overtaken? Some people would have been. He, however, set out with one piece of stone, set it in place, and then put another piece in place, and so on, until the wall was finally built. Each stone giving support to the other one. Each having the value of getting the wall built, one piece of stone at a time. This is also true of the road to success and greatness. We have to do one thing at a time!

What would have the wall looked like if he had just hurried to get done, and not placed the stones correctly? It would not have been such a picturesque sight that I observed. It probably would have been falling down, or at least unsafe in various locations; however, the wall was strong and beautiful. This was because each piece of stone was put in with care and expertise.

This is the same with network marketing and learning how to make money online fast. You can’t just become prosperous without succeeding at other steps along the way. Just because you have a website doesn’t mean that people are going to know about it. Just because you have printed business cards doesn’t warrant success. You have to at least give them to people!

You have to have traffic to your Internet site if you are going to make money online. This would be one step you would have to be successful at before the earnings rolled in. You would have to work at different methods in which to do this. You would not just join one traffic exchange, but maybe various ones, if you wanted to start earning your livelihood online.

Once you succeeded at this, you might start writing articles, blogging, posting on Facebook or Twitter, or writing e-books. You do not need to do all of these at once. It all goes back to the phrase quality not quantity.” If you try to do each of them, you might get overwhelmed and not do any of them well. You need to work on one thing at a time, and do it with success. It comes down to how many things you do successfully each day, not just how many you did to get through the day.

Anyone can be successful. It is not dependent on whether you are lucky or not. You need to concentrate on the main things , and forget all the petty stuff. If you live day-by-day, succeeding at one thing at a time, you will be successful.

You hear it said that most people do not obtain the blessings or successful life they deserve or want. Why do you think that is? I think it’s impatience! They join programs to get a piece of their tremendous “promised” income, and expect to be a millionaire by the next day. They don’t want to do anything to earn this money. I think they want an armored car to arrive at their door step right away! This is not going to occur. If that is true, please show me where to sign up!

We have to work each day laying the grounding for our forthcoming success. This is especially true if we want to make money online fast. You don’t build a house by putting the roof on first. You have to put the groundingdown first. Well, you don’t just start making tons of money without succeeding at steps along the way.

Do not desert valued time doing unnecessary tasks. You want to utilize your time and effort on things that allow you to climb up the ladder to success.

You don’t need to worry about tomorrow, that only robs today of its joy and delight. If you want to be successful, you need to live each day one at a time. You need to concentrate on the most important undertakings of each day, and if handled successfully will only make for a successful future.

This article is brought to you by a proud member of Wealth Creations Network. WCN gives you an opportunity to become more profitable with any business you may have. They not only do that, but also provide methods for you to earn a good living.. What are you waiting for? It’s time for you to join Wealth Creations Network now. Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you that it is FREE—not a penny out of your pocket, and they provide FREE marketing training. Check us out at

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A Revolutionary MLM Opportunity To Make Big Money Online

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There is a new buzz in the internet that is spreading like fire and may very well redefine Multi Level Marketing in the future. There are many MLM opportunities available both on and off the internet that claim to get you more money as you develop your network through personal promotion or through other publicity exercises. Such strategies are either dependent on your marketing skills or the products’ unique features that might yield a good appeal to be sold easily.

Here is one Risk-Free MLM opportunity that may sound very weird to trust or turn out to produce a different result than what you would expect. But then, it does not have any strings attached to it like investing some amount of money or bringing in people who would promote the yet-to-be-launched health and wellness product. It is definitely not a scam.

The process is very simple. You log on to toplevelposition link (click here because you would help me make a network of personal sponsors) from this blog and follow the instructions. Some people have blogged that it may get as much as eight dollars per person that is going to join after you. Even if it is eight cents per person, it may give you a decent amount of money if you act now!

You increase the chances of earning more if you would enrol someone who you know like in your family friends or even business partners who may be willing to believe in what you say. Do not let go of this golden opportunity – a potential Google-like revolution that may have started. I don’t have to promoting this company, as claimed by them. So, this is worth a try!

If you even want to think for a second about joining this revolutionary MLM, five or more people would have already made it before you! Remember, there are only a few positions and days left before the company would stop the free enrollment in this program. So take a plunge right now. Afterall, you don’t lose anything; you may gain a lot if things work out as they have been promised to be!!

You don’t have to worry about a scam in this new buzz because you don’t invest anything. Just trust what is being said at the moment and what is being touted, and keep your fingers crossed to reap any reward for what you’ve believed in. Keep posting what you’ve seen right here in your social networking blogs and twitter. It only increases the visibility and perhaps the legitimacy too.

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The Fastest Way To Internet Riches Hands Down

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The holy grail of making money online is to be able to quit that 9-5 job and rely soley on the income that you make on the internet. This rarely happens for people. The top three biggest reasons people never see their dreams come to fruition are1) because they dont really think the can, 2) they give up half way through, 3) or they make too many mistakes and are destined for failure. The cold hard fact is you can make money online but it wont be the boat loads that you are imagining. The one steadfast way to make money online is by starting a cool blog, getting visitors to it, and capitolizing on the adspace.

This isn’t as hard as it sounds but its definately not easy. There are many blog platforms out there to choose from but the most popular is wordpress. You can start a free wordpress blog anytime it tickles your fancy and you wont be charged a cent. Next step is to get visitors. You shouldn’t ever pay to get visitors. When you pay for traffic you get visitors who are more or less forced to visit your site and therefore have a low chance of staying there long or ever clicking any ads( and they’ll never buy anything for that matter). Organic traffic is what you want. Visitors that find your blog while searching for exactly what you are writing about are labeled “organic traffic” because you didn’t advertise to these people or pay for them, they just found your site because they were searching for what your blog is about. What you want to do is post an original article to your blog everyday and write about something that interests you. Before you know it you’ll have a thriving blog bringing in thousands of visitors a week. If you consider that %5 percent of your visitors click one of your ads and each click pays you 2.50 then you can figure that you’ll make an extra $250.00 per two thousand visitors. Not bad for twenty minutes of work a day… Now imagine if you could profit from your work residually. hands down the best way to make money online is to get involed with an affiliate program. The best that I have come across to date is College Cash Cow. They are a growing site that pays their members residually for referrals.

With their three-tier system, you can be paid monthly and three levels deep in you referral downline. I have been operating a few blogs here and there but I have never seen as much success as I have with College Cash Cow. It’s very easy to get started, all you have to do is sign up for an alertpay account, sign up for a College Cash Cow account (which is free for the first month and you dont have to submit a credit card or anything) and you are ready to get started! I have made over triple with College Cash Cow than I have made with all my blogs combined and I have only been at it for about 4 weeks. If you are truly interested in making money online, I would highly recomend that you give College Cash Cow a try. Good Luck!

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Making Money Online: Why You Are Doing It Wrong!

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When someone first decides to start persuing some income online, what is the first thing they do? Go to google and type in the phrase “making money online”. Bad call. Around 95% of information out there regarding making money online is either a scam, flat out wrong or just completely bogus. Real internet marketers laugh when they come across information like “Make $100,000 in your first 3 months with our system!” or “Quit your day job today! Our magical formula will send a windfall of cash to your bank account.” One has to wonder….Why is the author so excited to show me how to make thousands of dollars?

What in it for him? Oh yeah he wants me to send him $199.00 before I get rich. Those miracle systems and ebooks aren’t making anybody rich except the idiot who is peddling them. Any money that was ever made online was made in a traditional real-world manner. ( save bank hackers and scammers) Many marketers out there like to paint this picture that you can click a few buttons, reply to a few emails and see profits in your paypal account. That’s not reality. The truth is that the internet is a huge marketplace with vast untapped potential. In order to make any real money online, you have to follow a real-world business model. Basically sell a product or a service. There are other ways to make money online though. You can sell someone else’s product or service (affiliate marketing), you can be a middleman so to speak and broker other people’s goods or services. The other way to make money online is often overlooked by many. WORK. Thats right, be an online tutor, be a webmaster, do web design, be an online life coach, proof reader, copywriter, ….the list goes on and on. In order to work for yourself you have to market yourself and learn how to get people to hire you. The last but definately not least way to make money online is through social network marketing. Different than mlm, social network marketing takes advantage of the social network that you already have in place to leverage profits.

Hands down the fastest and easiest way I have discovered to make money online is through social network marketing. This newer method of marketing commonly targets networks such as Facebook, twitter, Digg, Bebo, and LinkedIn. Now keep in mind it takes more work than you might think ( If you consider facebooking and tweeting work). Checkout College Cash Cow. They have a great system setup for social network marketing and I have enjoyed alot of success as a result. Remeber to use good business practises when making money online, nobody likes spam. Good luck out there and don’t get scammed!

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Are you using Twitter yet?

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A short while ago I joined up to the Twitter site ( to see
what all the fuss was about
I can honestly say, as long as you are focused it will be a very worthwhile site to be part of.

Most of the Important marketers are on there and all you need to do is follow them via the site to see what developments are happening in their business.
Now I recommend you follow the people YOU personally have business or coaching interests in,or you could waste a lot of precious time following everyone!

Now another advent to Twitter is the wordpress plug-ins developed to have your latest blog posts immediately posted to your Twitter account, this will save much double posting, ultimately saving you valueable time and effort.

If you are into blogging, these free tools will can make life so much easier.

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