Avoid Writers Block If You Can!

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How hard is it to blog? How to Beat Writers Block1 300x170 Avoid Writers Block If You Can!
Ever think to yourself, I am going to start producing content tomorrow
and never get around to it.
Well time seems to fly by now, at a ridiculous pace and luckily a man I have a lot of belief in has, got me back on track.

Kevin Davis, co-owner of the Social Traffic Lab has got me fired up again with his 30 day blogging challenge.
I am going to produce content each week and try to get some life back into this blog again.

Keep an eye out for more articles comming to you on all different topics.

Until then,

Shane Massingham

Don’t believe everything you hear…..

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Well I am back and promise to get onto this blog every few days now!

My subject line relates to how much time you can easily consume “playing” the internet
marketing game.

With watching all the great stuff that Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Rich Shefren and of course
Mike Filsaime have been sending us little guys lately, there has been very little time left for us to get our own things done, but this is how we learn….

I launched my first membership site in january and although numbers are still small, I have a great bunch of people that have joined up.

It really does take alot of work to do a launch, then keep everything sailing along smoothly.

So don’t let anyone tell you IM is easy and you don’t need to do much to earn huge chunks of cash.

It is rewarding and gets easier as time goes by, but you do need to focus and set and achieve goals as you go.

Now a new program will launch on April 1st ( yes they know what day this is, but this is no joke), I am not sure of many details yet, but will post here when I do. The program is called MY Internet Business, and as the name implies, it will be for anyone in this field to get going successfully.

If you have been here before, you will know I am a member of Stepen Pierce’s
Smart Marketing Coaching Club.

Stephen has opened the doors for a short period of time to monthly members,where you won’t pay a lumpsum like I did. I will have a sneek-peek video of inside the member site very soon, so look for that here also in coming days.

Well that’s all for now,


All we need is an E-Headache!

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Invasive E-Marketing Can Cause E-Headaches

by Diane Hughes

Once e-technology was introduced to marketing, many businesses moved to online marketing, utilizing email, e-newsletters and pop-up advertising on the Internet. This “interruption-based marketing”, has resulted in a marketing numbness of the consumer. The backlash of the constantly bombarded Internet browser has been more technology to block pop-ups, filter spam and calls from lawmakers for stricter regulations. These steps made against online marketing have resulted in the blocking of up to 37% of legitimate e-mails to ISP’s.

To take it one step further, an over exposure could result in consumers ‘tuning out’ or anger towards a company, especially on the Internet. The American Marketing Association estimates that legitimate e-mail blocked as spam will cost companies as much as $419 million in 2008. These sales will not be lost due the revenue spent in sending out blanket emails but because of the consumer backlash. Consumers have grown frustrated and tired of being constantly overwhelmed with meaningless advertisements that are not beneficial to them. Consider this scenario.

Let’s say you were in the midst of an important project that required your undivided attention. As you worked on this all-important project, your phone rang every five minutes. As you look at the caller ID (as we all do), you see it is a vendor that is attempting to sell you something. Since you did not answer the first ten times, the vendor continues to call, interrupting your thought process. Tell me, what comes to your mind?

Personally, I can think of many profane words. Unfortunately for the vendor, they are all profane. Not only would I refrain from buying from this vendor but I would also tell everyone I knew about the vendor’s escapades. For this reason, be weary of the companies that sell you the opportunity for so-called ‘legal’ email marketing. Not only do you risk not earning back the money spent, you risk running away potential customers.

Statistics show that effective marketing is not based upon saturation of consumers, but by how many of the right consumers are exposed to the advertisement. The business community is coming to understand that consumers only want choices on items in which they are in the market to buy. This means that in order for you to be effective, you must push towards responsible methods of advertising. How do you do that?

Realize that a wonderful website and personalized emails are not all necessary for successful e-business. Unfortunately, people view the Internet as an ‘easy’ medium for advertisement. Because there is such easy access to the Internet medium, your presence makes you no more special than the next guy. You must use your website as a point of reference. Learn to use effective titles, headings and SEO words on your site. This will rank them higher in the search engines. Then, once a customer comes, give them your best business and treat them right. If you do this, you will earn the positive ‘word-of-mouth’ rather than the profane.

No matter how easy Internet marketing might seem, you can not get around the basic foundations of marketing: Knowing your business and Knowing your customer. You would much rather potential customers receive an email from one of your customers testifying to your performance, than for them to receive one from you.


Diane Hughes
ProBizTips Weekly

Stephen Pierce does it again…….

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This man is truely amazing,

I attended this webinar the other night,and as always it was VERY educational.
This is part of the e-mail I got from SMCC that ensured I attended the online webinar.

Stephen just helped Greg Poulos make another 1.2 million dollars in the last 48 hours. Pierce says he’s going to share his strategic framework that he taught Greg and other students that he’s helped make millions of dollars on Saturday September 22nd. Greg does it and gets great results…. what’s he doing right? Greg created a new product and did one thing – that Stephen has said to every single student – what was that one easy task that produced massive results, find out Saturday.

Discover the clear distinction that Stephen has made between students that continue to struggle and those that have fast success and parlay that success into millions of dollars. Don’t you want to be in the success cirle?

You can listen to this 15 min audio outlining Stephens strategies, by clicking below.

To your online success,


Does this sound Familiar?

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 Source: Jason Potash.com

Hi all,

Just the other day I was reading this post from Jason Potash, and I could totally relate to it, can you Too?

You see, over the past few years, I have worked my ass off building my online business. It’s the stuff that nobody wants to talk about. The *ugly* side of succeeding online.

….. That’s right, whether you want to admit it or not, only those who are *hungry* enough and willing to make extreme sacrifices — and step up their game — are the ones who really succeed.

Others, continue to whine and mope around, forever complaining that nothing works… while they continue to “work hard” and spend a mere 2 hours per week building their online business.

2 hours per week?

Two words… Good Luck!

Anyway, back to the story…

I completely admit. I have always been a workaholic.

Ok, there. I said it.

But, when you truly enjoy what you do, it never really feels like “work”, right?

It seems more like a hobby or something that you really enjoy… like sailing, playing guitar, scrapbooking… or whatever it is that puts a smile on your face.

And being a workaholic, is a very dangerous thing.

Whether you choose to admit it or not, there is a high probability that YOU TOO are also a workaholic.

You might even be a workaholic in denial — the worst kind there is.

After all, you’ve gotta be a little obsessed and hyper-driven to be involved in Internet Marketing.

The “Lazy Internet Marketer” is a fallacy. Don’t believe it. Most folks I know who claim to be “lazy” are extremely hard workers.

It’s just that they choose to goof off every now and then, and if given the choice, will avoid doing work.

But, when the heat is on, they step-it-up and often put in 16 hour days (back-to-back) without complaining.

Yes, that includes yours truly as well. icon smile Does this sound Familiar?

Quote: It’s been said that successful people are
willing to do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.

Which best describes you?

So, given that I am a workaholic who loves what I do, and is self-driven to succeed, it’s no wonder that I have also suffered from a severe case of tunnel vision.

Tunnel vision in my business?

No. That kind of channeled focus in any business would be a GOOD thing.

I am talking about living my life with tunnel vision.

That’s a bad thing. Here’s why…

A few months ago my wife, Alisa, and I decided to take our 3 kids for a 2-night trip to a water park resort called Great Wolf Lodge (highly recommended).

The kids were really excited. I must admit (being a big kid myself), so was I. It was long overdue.

We packed the kids in the car, drove 2.5 hours and finally got into the room and unpacked.

As we all sat on the bed and munched on some snacks, my son (Cole) said something that hit me like an emotional medicine ball to the chest.

In fact, I got all choked up after reflecting and truly understanding the meaning of his words…

As we continued to munch on our snacks, Cole looked around the room and then in a soft tone said,

“Daddy… where is your computer? Don’t you have to go work now?”

When I responded that I was not going to work today, tomorrow… or the next day, and that my computer (laptop) was at home, I saw Cole’s face light up like a kid on Christmas morning. Then he gave me a great big hug that truly spoke a thousand words.

I think he almost didn’t believe me because my past behaviour was a pretty clear indication of what was to come, because…

Daddy is plugged into the Internet 24/7

If you are a parent, you already know how clever your kids are. They pick up on these things real fast.

What you say (or don’t say), your actions, your expressions, your tone… they absorb it ALL.

Little did I know that right before my eyes, my kids were being conditioned to expect that I was working 7 days a week, without breaks.

Is this the kind of life that I wanted for my kids, my family and myself? Is this the role model that I wanted to portray?

Of course not.

Now, don’t get me wrong… I don’t regret working my tail off over the past few years to build my business and provide for my family. I have been extremely blessed in all aspects of my life — family, marriage, finance, health, security, etc.

But, what Cole taught me is that to you need to know when to pull back and hit the pause button. You need to have a balance between work and family.

As entrepreneurs, we are often so self-driven and motivated to “do more”, to reach an even higher level of success, that we suffer from “tunnel vision” as I explained earlier.

It reminds me of that song by Cat Stevens, “Cats In The Cradle”. If you are not familiar with it, I suggest you Google the lyrics and read them word-for-word.

Here’s the short version of the song: Dad is too busy working 24/7 and has no time for his son. Dad grows old, son grows up and starts a family of his own, then has no time for his Dad.

That really sucks.

Let me clarify something before I wrap this story up… it’s not that I don’t spend time with my kids. I wasn’t spending enough QUALITY time with them.

Quality Time = going on vacations for 3-7 days, camping, hangout out in a playground for 3 hours giggling and playing tag, splashing around in pools, having water gun fights (where you let your kids win) THAT is my definition of quality time. Grabbing a quick family dinner at McDonald’s or watching a family movie on Friday night is NOT my true definition of quality time.

Oh, and one more thing… in my world, quality time with family = no checking email (I know… it only takes a minute), no access to the Internet, limited cell phone access (I now instruct my staff to only call me if there is a real emergency. As a result, I rarely get any calls).

My question to you is… how MUCH quality time are you spending with your kids? Be honest. If you don’t have kids yet, then this also relates to your spouse or significant other.

Is your online business (or the pursuit of it) slowly consuming all your free time and quality family time without you even realizing it — causing you to lose focus of that important “balance” that I mentioned in the previous few paragraphs?

It took me a couple of years to wake up and smell the roses. And even worse, a 6 year old had to literally *slap* me upside the head to put things in perspective and spell it out for me.

That’s why you haven’t heard from me in a few months.

I’ve been too busy playing catch up with my family, enjoying every minute of Summer and spending as much time (offline) as possible with my kids.

Sure, the is plenty of work to do and catch up on. But, the memories I created for my kids this Summer will be cherished for a lifetime. I have enriched their lives. Even though, they didn’t say the words, I know what they are thinking…

“Hurray! Daddy’s back!”

And that is something you can NOT put a price on.

But, I haven’t been goofing off all Summer long. My staff and I still managed to put together a few new exciting projects for you.

And now that the kids are back in school, it’s time to dig in and catch up on some work.

Best of all, the first “product” you’ll hear about from me is free. Actually, it is more of a service than product.

It’s a really cool concept and everyone who I have shared it with is doing back flips over it (I’m being serious here).

You’ll see, once I give you the scoop in another week or so. As a valued subscriber of mine, you will be the first to hear about it, use it and profit from it… and it won’t cost you a dime.

Talk to you soon… for real this time icon wink Does this sound Familiar?

P.S. – If this post has inspired you, go give your kid(s) a big hug. Or better yet, work a half-day sometime this week, take them to the zoo, Chuck E. Cheese, or bike riding. They deserve to know just how much you love them and appreciate them.

Jason Potash

 We should all take some of his advice, I know I have already.

Our families are the MOST important things in our lives………..