Your RSS Marketing Strategy: Deciding How To Deliver Your RSS Content

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You’re interested in RSS marketing, but there either seem to be so many options of how to do it or you’ve only ever come accross simple RSS feeds that just don’t seem to be the approach you’re looking for.

The problem with most RSS marketing plans is that the marketer doesn’t really go beyond providing a simple RSS feed for all of his online news or his blog. But since you’ve been reading this column for a while now you know for a fact that RSS offers so much more.

To get started the right way you need to correctly plan your RSS Marketing strategy, starting by deciding how you are going to deliver your RSS content.

The right way to go, even if you’re only starting out with a simple RSS strategy, is to provide individual RSS feeds for:

–> your individual target audiences,
–> your different types of content and
–> even your different content topics.

Think of this as a consequtive list of how to develop your RSS strategy. For more information click internet marketing advertising.

–> TARGET AUDIENCES Start by listing the target audiences you want to deliver your content to via RSS. Each of your audiences has different content needs, resulting in different groups of RSS feeds that need to be created for these target audiences. One group for the media, the other for your employees, the other for the general public, the other for your existing customers and so on. You can even go further and divide your master groups in sub-groups, based on their prevailing interests.

–> CONTENT TYPES Now consider the different types of content you want to deliver to these audiences. For example your latest news, your blog posts, your how-to articles, your press releases, your podcasts, the latest posts from your forums, direct communications messages and so on. In most cases these types of content don’t mix well together. If someone wants to receive your blog updates, which are full of your company representatives’ personal opinions and commentary, they don’t want to receive your corporate-speak press releases.

If someone is interested in what’s happening in your forum and what the latest forum posts are, they don’t want to receive your how-to articles in the same RSS feed, simply because these two types of content are so much different. And so on. Essentially, you will need to provide separate feeds for each of the different content types, and you will need to determine what content types you wish to deliver to each of your target audience groups and sub-groups.

–> CONTENT TOPICS Finally take a look at each individual content type for each individual target audience and further break that down by content topic, if needed. And if you’re trying to cover many different topics for each content type, you will need to provide different RSS feeds for these different topics, because, again, people interested in topic A are not neccessarily also interested in topic B.

While this may sound complicated, it’s really simple once you start doing it.

The point is, this is about giving your subscribers choice of what they subscribe to. Instead of forcing them to subscribe to everything, allow them to subscribe to only what they want and need.

Quite simple, right?

Just remember that you should only break this down as far as it makes sense, keeping in mind the actual content that your target audiences want from you.

Depending on your business, you just might only need to communicate with one target audience, deliver only one content type and deliver only one content topic for that target audience.


Once you have your RSS content mapped-out, you need to consider how you are going to make this content available to your target audiences. This is especially important since it’s going to influence the tools you need to get started with RSS publishing


This is about as standard as it gets — publishing one RSS feed to meet the needs of all of your target audiences at once or publishing multiple topical RSS feeds, which always remain the same. The easiest to do, can be done with any RSS publishing tool on the market …


The more and more complex you get with the different feeds you’re offering, the more difficult it is for your visitors to select what exactly they want, simply because an individual subscriber might be interested in 10 of your 100 feeds, but he doesn’t want to be subscribed to that many feeds by your company.

In this case the best way to go is to also offer your visitors the opportunity to customize your RSS feed à they decide exactly what content type and content topics they want to receive in one or a few RSS feeds they’ll be subscribing from you.

The opportunities here are quite endless, as you can allow them to customize their feeds based on topics, content types, authors and more.

If this is the way you need to go because you are offering so much content via your RSS feeds that it makes it difficult for someone to subscribe to only one or a few feeds from you, you will need your RSS publishing solution to support feed customization.


Search-based RSS feeds are a subset of customizable RSS feeds, and they work just like a search engine. You type in a certain keyword or keyword combinations and the search engine gives you the most relevant or the latest results for that keyword combination.

You can do the same with RSS, allowing your visitors to enter specific keywords and then get the content from you only based on those keywords.


Giving users the choice to customize the content they are receiving from you is one thing, but certain content may actually demand you to personalize the feed using your subscribers personal information.

The most basic variation, used to lift response, is addressing your subscribers by name or using other data about the customer from your database, such as his address, previous purchases etc.

In other cases a bank might want to deliver information directly relating to your bank account, directly via RSS, such as your latest credit card transactions, and so on.


Now imagine that you want to create individualized campaigns to individual subscribers, based on the information you already have in your database about their activities, demographics and so on, for example to send a promotion for product A only to those subscribers that might be most interested in product A.

In this case you will need an RSS solution that can pull this data from your database and then segment your subscribers based on the actual data.


Since their introduction, e-mail autoresponders have become a relatively mainstream internet direct marketing tool, although they haven’t really made their way to the world of public relations.

The concept is simple à a certain action by your visitors on your website triggers a sequence of e-mail messages, delivered to that visitor, provided you have his e-mail address, over a period of several days.

Direct marketers use this to automatically communicate with the prospect after a certain action, trying to get him to do what they want.

The most common application is offering your visitors a free report, delivered to them via e-mail. After subscribing they start receiving consequtive parts of the report day after day or a every few days, receiving both new information as well as being exposed to the marketer’s promotional message.

Other applications include autoresponder messages in relation to transactional e-mail:

–> Subscribe to a free e-mail newsletter. The first autoresponder message thanks you for the subscription and also gives you access to one of the newsletter issues. A couple of days later, while you’re still “hot as a lead”, you receive another e-mail, pertaining to the newsletter topic, giving you more advice or information on the topic and trying achieve a sales conversion. And so on.

–> Complete a webstore order. The first message thanks you for the purchase and recommends an additional product at a lower price. The second message tells you more about the product you purchased. The third messages makes a special additional purchase offer. The fourths message gives you some great additional tips, and so on.

–> Start an online order, but don’t finish it. The first message reminds you that there are still products in your shopping cart. The second message reminds you again, giving you added inscentive to complete the order. And so on …

The opportunities are practically limitless, but you get the picture.

Now simply transform this concept into the realm of RSS.

Someone subscribes to your RSS feed. The first couple of content items, spread-out through the first week, serve as a series of welcome messages giving the new subscriber access to your top content and inviting him to actively participate. Your latest feed updates come through as well, but your new subscriber also gets the extra treatment (content) in the same feed.

And now apply this to anything you’re doing with RSS, where it makes sense to follow-up with additional information to your new subscribers once they subscribe, of course depending on the feed topic and target audience. To learn more click internet marketing solutions.

Very few RSS tools today offer autoresponder capabilities, but some do.


Think of your RSS publishing strategy and try to establish which of the these publishing models your RSS publishing tool should support:

–> Topical or Target Audience Oriented RSS Feeds –> Customizable RSS Feeds –> Search-Based RSS Feeds –> Personalized RSS Feeds –> RSS Feeds With Content Targeting –> Autoresponder RSS Feeds

In case you are searching Internet for information about the sphere of one way links, then please check out the page which was quoted right in this paragraph.

Reliable Business To Business Internet Promoting Strategies

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Depending on the nature of your business, you could be ready to effectively promote your services and goods to other online enterprises that need the product or service that you’re offering. Since online and small business startups are always skyrocketing and becoming more popular by the day, business to business internet marketing could be a great method to effectively target your niche market.

Business to business marketing does not follow the same basic guidelines that regular marketing uses. Promoting your products and services to other businesses needs an additional effort, and added ability to convince. Online and home business owners have just one thing on their mind, growing their business and making so much money online as practicable. Therefore they are always looking to sell, and seldom are they searching for a new service to use.

This does not mean that you cannot plug your products to other companies, it just needs a different strategy than web marketing to any other market. As I discussed, internet business owners wish to grow their own business, and make as cash online as practicable. instead of coming off as a salesman, try and take the perspective of a service provider whos mission it is to help other web business owners maximise the quantity of money they make on the web.

This may feel ungainly, and you could be nearly convinced to put your interests first. However , by attempting to help others make cash and reach success, you will find success for yourself. Just trust that by helping people make cash, you’ll be making more cash for yourself as a result.

The Golden Rule has been written about in success books all throughout history. The Golden Rule claims to do for others what you need for yourself. Put in an alternative way it implies to give that which you would like. This principle has withstood the test of time for a very simple reason, it works perfectly ever single time.

Business to business internet marketing can be a very profitable venture. If you want to make more money as an internet marketer, and you have a product or service that will benefit other online business owners, share that knowledge with them from the perspective of a fellow entrepreneur who enjoys helping others succeed. You will find your following and it will be a very easy for you to make more money online than ever before.

Access helpful information about miracle traffic bot review – read this publication. The time has come when proper info is really at your fingertips, use this chance.

Are you using Twitter yet?

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A short while ago I joined up to the Twitter site ( to see
what all the fuss was about
I can honestly say, as long as you are focused it will be a very worthwhile site to be part of.

Most of the Important marketers are on there and all you need to do is follow them via the site to see what developments are happening in their business.
Now I recommend you follow the people YOU personally have business or coaching interests in,or you could waste a lot of precious time following everyone!

Now another advent to Twitter is the wordpress plug-ins developed to have your latest blog posts immediately posted to your Twitter account, this will save much double posting, ultimately saving you valueable time and effort.

If you are into blogging, these free tools will can make life so much easier.

Well until next time,


Don’t believe everything you hear…..

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Well I am back and promise to get onto this blog every few days now!

My subject line relates to how much time you can easily consume “playing” the internet
marketing game.

With watching all the great stuff that Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Rich Shefren and of course
Mike Filsaime have been sending us little guys lately, there has been very little time left for us to get our own things done, but this is how we learn….

I launched my first membership site in january and although numbers are still small, I have a great bunch of people that have joined up.

It really does take alot of work to do a launch, then keep everything sailing along smoothly.

So don’t let anyone tell you IM is easy and you don’t need to do much to earn huge chunks of cash.

It is rewarding and gets easier as time goes by, but you do need to focus and set and achieve goals as you go.

Now a new program will launch on April 1st ( yes they know what day this is, but this is no joke), I am not sure of many details yet, but will post here when I do. The program is called MY Internet Business, and as the name implies, it will be for anyone in this field to get going successfully.

If you have been here before, you will know I am a member of Stepen Pierce’s
Smart Marketing Coaching Club.

Stephen has opened the doors for a short period of time to monthly members,where you won’t pay a lumpsum like I did. I will have a sneek-peek video of inside the member site very soon, so look for that here also in coming days.

Well that’s all for now,


Where has 2007 Gone?

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Well where DID it GO?

Last minute I looked it was october and now we are days away from 2008.

If you are like me you are trying to juggle a JOB, family, affiliate products and the rest of the
time you are attempting to produce your own products……WOW and sleep?? what was that?

I have been very busy these past months designing and setting up my first monthly member
site and I hope to launch on January 2nd 2008
The niche I have 30 years experience as a proffessional in, is Western Horse Riding, which to most of you will be very foreign.

If you are horse inclined though have a look from January 2 at

My other inspiring news, is that the recording and transcripts from the interview that
Mike Filsaime and Russell Brunson did, are now available..

The call itself is huge, with these two guys openly discussing the methods that they have
used in the last three (3) years to build their online empires.
It runs for 3hours and 15 minutes with the last 1hour and 15 being subscribers who where
live on the call asking questions to the guys and being answered honestly.

There really are some great and easy ideas to implement in the call, but if you would prefer
to read the 88 page transcript, that is included also for a limited time.
I have added some other great bonuses also, so be sure to check it out at :

As a goal for all of us to aspire to, I have also included this picture of the H2 Hummer
that Mike won, as the winner of Russell`s affiliate contest for his 12 month millionaire launch.

mf hummer h2 small 400x275 Where has 2007 Gone?

It goes to show what a little hard work can achieve and we All can be at that level some day!

All the best for 2008.


What a huge week!

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Well this week has been huge, and it isn`t even over yet!

On tuesday Todd Gross and Derrick van Dyke launched a great new
site that will supply you with a pre-made video for clickbank or
even your very own products.
You’ll have instant access to professional videos that *pre-sell*
the most popular affiliate products on the Internet.

You don’t have to know ANYTHING about video to take
advantage of this UNIQUE system and you don’t even
need a website to rock your affiliate commissions
into the stratosphere!

This is a “digital rush”…

At the moment they are offering a Free 7 day trial so you can
use the system, and see how great these videos work.

Take a look here at

The other great thing to happen this week, was the call yesterday afternoon between
Russell Brunsen and Mike Filsaime.
This call went over 3hours with russell and Mike grilling each other about their
respective businesses. Then those lucky enough to get on the 1st call line (first 250),
got to ask questions of Mike and russell.

Now the recording of this 3 hour interview is only available to those of us lucky
enough to buy Russell Brunsen`s 12 month millionaire product, thru
Mike Filsaime.

This will be available very soon for people to purchase, so stay tuned.
I only got to listen in for a short period, and cannot wait to hear the
complete audio.

To finish the week for me, my wife and I will be celebrating our 1st
wedding anniversary on sunday, and as I am away working until friday
I am looking forward to getting home.

Well until next time.


Am I glad i joined Stephen and SMCC

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Wow!! That is all I can say about the last two evenings I have had online…

Another concept on building traffic numbers to your sites,has
been presented by Stephen Pierce.

He as, over 2 evenings shown us all the ways to get traffic using blogging, and forums.

Stephen has 23 ways in his bag of tricks, to increase traffic to your sites will very little or no outlay.

He has produced some great flowcharts in easy to understand format, that have us all using these ways daily to bring in more quality traffic.

For me living in Australia, the webinars start at 11pm my time, but have been well worth the lack of sleep

Just one of my sites has had over 700 visitors in only 7 days, and that was from forum marketing and $A 50 in ppc.

Well better get ready for tonights webinar..


We should always look outside the box…..

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It’s a Great Big World Out There

by Diane Hughes

In my life, I spend a lot of time online. I’m in the business of helping e-business owners build up their e-business. That requires me to keep myself knee-deep in the e-business world.

But the other day, over breakfast, I was reading the paper and was flipping through the classifieds because a friend was going to have a garage sale and I wanted to see her advertisement. I meant to glance through the “Business Opportunities” section of the classifieds fairly quickly, (because I’m not looking for business opportunities). But as I scanned the page, I noticed a small advertisement promoting a website.

It got me thinking about advertising your online business offline.

Lots of companies do it right now, but it seems to be mostly the big companies that do. However, there’s no reason why smaller companies can’t, either. Sure, you probably don’t have the budget or inclination to advertise on television, like, for example, but it doesn’t mean that you have to close off the outside world and only advertise in the land of html.

* Have you thought about advertising your online business in the offline world? If you have a well-defined niche, you might consider placing an ad in a trade journal marketing to that niche.

* Or consider putting a bumper sticker on the back of your car (and all of your friend’s cars). This works especially well if you have a website that markets to a local market.

* I was intrigued by the classified ad enough to go online and type in their website. Would it work for your website?

* Find a valuable, inexpensive product you can direct-mail and send it out. For example, your URL on a beautiful calendar will hold a rapt audience for 12 months.

* Offer seminars and workshops in your local area for your target market and mention your website’s URL during class.

Offline advertising – at first glance – seems to work well for advertising in local markets only. That’s slightly true, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. After all, if you’re advertising online, you’re spending a few cents per impression and getting impressions all over the world. On the other hand, you can spend the same amount of money to get several impressions in a small area. It’s like going from an mile wide and an inch deep to an inch wide and a mile deep. And (depending on your advertising methods and frequency) you just might get the people of that community buzzing about your business enough that you can leverage into other marketing, too.

Here’s an example: if you sell tours to the Mediterranean, create an interesting and unusual URL and advertise it prominently and mysteriously all over a small town. People will click your URL because they want to know why they’ve been seeing it all around town. As you develop an audience from that, create press releases and newspaper articles about the Mediterranean that you can put in the small-town paper. Then, send out press releases online asking, “Why is Smalltown buzzing about the Mediterranean?”

This is just one example of using offline advertising to market your online business. Can you think of more?


Diane Hughes
ProBizTips Weekly

Diane has touched on a subject that I have been using for awhile now,
and that is why I included this article.
You don`t have to be big to advertise offline, just be effective and success will come to you!

10 Ways to make your Ads command attention

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1. Place colorful graphs, pie charts and other charts in your ad copy. Use charts that will grab a persons eye and also support your product claims.

2. Highlight buying incentives like free bonuses and m.oney back g.uarantees. You could place them in boxes or in front of a different colored background.

3. Use short sentences or sentence fragments in the body of your ad copy. A short burst of words can catch a skimmers eye with one quick glance.

4. Highlight all the important keywords and phrases in your ad copy. You could use bolding, underlining and color to highlight the important words.

5. Place attention grabbing pictures above and within your ad copy. A powerful technique is to use before and after pictures of people using your product.

6. Use a headline that catches the attention of your target audience. One of the most effective ways is to use a free offer as your headline.

7. Make your ad’s keywords and phrases standout by enlarging the text. This technique works wonders with headlines and sub headlines.

8. Make your products list of benefits and features stand out by using a symbol in front of each of them. The symbol could be a dash, solid circle, star, etc.

9. Use sub headlines to break up your ad copy and to capture a skimmers eye. You could make them even more powerful by highlighting them with color.

10. Use attention grabbing adjectives to describe your product. For example sizzling, incredible, high power, ultramodern, killer, eye popping, etc.

If you are not using any of these suggestions, you may now know why things aren`t going
so well.

To your online success.

All we need is an E-Headache!

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Invasive E-Marketing Can Cause E-Headaches

by Diane Hughes

Once e-technology was introduced to marketing, many businesses moved to online marketing, utilizing email, e-newsletters and pop-up advertising on the Internet. This “interruption-based marketing”, has resulted in a marketing numbness of the consumer. The backlash of the constantly bombarded Internet browser has been more technology to block pop-ups, filter spam and calls from lawmakers for stricter regulations. These steps made against online marketing have resulted in the blocking of up to 37% of legitimate e-mails to ISP’s.

To take it one step further, an over exposure could result in consumers ‘tuning out’ or anger towards a company, especially on the Internet. The American Marketing Association estimates that legitimate e-mail blocked as spam will cost companies as much as $419 million in 2008. These sales will not be lost due the revenue spent in sending out blanket emails but because of the consumer backlash. Consumers have grown frustrated and tired of being constantly overwhelmed with meaningless advertisements that are not beneficial to them. Consider this scenario.

Let’s say you were in the midst of an important project that required your undivided attention. As you worked on this all-important project, your phone rang every five minutes. As you look at the caller ID (as we all do), you see it is a vendor that is attempting to sell you something. Since you did not answer the first ten times, the vendor continues to call, interrupting your thought process. Tell me, what comes to your mind?

Personally, I can think of many profane words. Unfortunately for the vendor, they are all profane. Not only would I refrain from buying from this vendor but I would also tell everyone I knew about the vendor’s escapades. For this reason, be weary of the companies that sell you the opportunity for so-called ‘legal’ email marketing. Not only do you risk not earning back the money spent, you risk running away potential customers.

Statistics show that effective marketing is not based upon saturation of consumers, but by how many of the right consumers are exposed to the advertisement. The business community is coming to understand that consumers only want choices on items in which they are in the market to buy. This means that in order for you to be effective, you must push towards responsible methods of advertising. How do you do that?

Realize that a wonderful website and personalized emails are not all necessary for successful e-business. Unfortunately, people view the Internet as an ‘easy’ medium for advertisement. Because there is such easy access to the Internet medium, your presence makes you no more special than the next guy. You must use your website as a point of reference. Learn to use effective titles, headings and SEO words on your site. This will rank them higher in the search engines. Then, once a customer comes, give them your best business and treat them right. If you do this, you will earn the positive ‘word-of-mouth’ rather than the profane.

No matter how easy Internet marketing might seem, you can not get around the basic foundations of marketing: Knowing your business and Knowing your customer. You would much rather potential customers receive an email from one of your customers testifying to your performance, than for them to receive one from you.


Diane Hughes
ProBizTips Weekly

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