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One of the most common needs of online business owners is traffic. Without traffic, your web site barely exists, and is unlikely to make any profit whatsoever. With traffic, you stand a much greater chance of success – but not just any traffic.

Newbies on the web frequently make the mistake of just wanting traffic, and join any and every program offering just that – “thousands of hits to your web site”, with the vast majority of them completely worthless. When their web sites fail to make any money, many of them give up on the web as a money-making myth.

For those that do persist, and try to learn from their experience, they realize it’s not just any traffic they need – it’s targeted traffic. That means web site visitors who actually want to visit (rather than those who are ‘forced’ to visit via some traffic exchange program), and so are actually interested in what you have to offer.

This type of traffic is far more profitable to you – your visitors are far more likely to purchase from you, simply because you have what they want.

But how can you attract targeted traffic? Here are ten tips:

1. Start An Affiliate Program work from home

This works by giving those who promote your products a commission if they make a sale. Over time you can build up an army of people who are busy promoting your web sites for you.

For many emarketers, affiliates account for a large portion of all their sales, and to do that, by definition they don’t have to pay to get a lot of traffic going their way.

You can get traffic see why big marketers all have an affiliate program in the marketing mix to grow traffic and sales levels.

For beginners who are selling digital products such as ebooks or software, the easiest and cheapest way to start your own affiliate program is through ClickBank. That’s how many started and still use them today.

2. Add Content to Your Web Site

Providing quality content on your web site is an excellent way to permanently increase traffic to your web site.

Search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo appear to favor web sites with a clear navigation structure that provide quality content within a certain genre – that means not adding anything you can think of to your web site, but to focus on a particular niche, and provide content broadly in line with that.

You don’t even have to create it all yourself. For example, look in article directories on the web for free reprint articles you can use. Chose the article subjects related to your web site topic. Here is a list of several such sites:

People that are searching Internet for more info about the sphere of free traffic, then visit the site which was mentioned in this paragraph.

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