Is this Better than Adsense?

4:14 am Great new sites

Wow! Every day you can find something new happening
online, and Today was one of those days…….

I just found this interesting tool to give Adsense the boot.
Create your own ads and keep all the commissions on any

FavAds is like owning your own Adsense and Adwords.

Your own Ad Farm from which you build 100% matching
Adblocks for your site and blogs – generating 100% of
the commission for you to keep.

You can create ads for ANY affiliate program –
with the Pro version, Clickbank and Paydotcom
products are already loaded into the system for you,
you can make ads EVEN for your own products!

Just check it out – less than a pizza right now and the
commission is a great added bonus.

Fine tune your website for 1000% more profit today.

I more than recommend Favads

If you are like me and you want ALL of the commission and
not just a small share of a click FavAds and FavAdsPro are
amazing tools for that. Here you build up your own ad
inventory in a database and you generate adblocks of
100% matching ads for your website or blog.

You define the content and generate loads of Adblocks with
the code all ready to insert. With the Pro version you can
also choose the color scheme, whether links are cloaked or
not and get stats. You can always come back for more – and
add more ads and generate as many blocks as you want.

This is a complete software program that makes everything
so easy for you, so say good-bye to adsense and the other
systems and grab favads for next to nothing…….

Here you keep 100% of the commission.

Get yours today at Favads

Hurry before they come to their senses and
increase the price on this!

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