Making Money Online: Why You Are Doing It Wrong!

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When someone first decides to start persuing some income online, what is the first thing they do? Go to google and type in the phrase “making money online”. Bad call. Around 95% of information out there regarding making money online is either a scam, flat out wrong or just completely bogus. Real internet marketers laugh when they come across information like “Make $100,000 in your first 3 months with our system!” or “Quit your day job today! Our magical formula will send a windfall of cash to your bank account.” One has to wonder….Why is the author so excited to show me how to make thousands of dollars?

What in it for him? Oh yeah he wants me to send him $199.00 before I get rich. Those miracle systems and ebooks aren’t making anybody rich except the idiot who is peddling them. Any money that was ever made online was made in a traditional real-world manner. ( save bank hackers and scammers) Many marketers out there like to paint this picture that you can click a few buttons, reply to a few emails and see profits in your paypal account. That’s not reality. The truth is that the internet is a huge marketplace with vast untapped potential. In order to make any real money online, you have to follow a real-world business model. Basically sell a product or a service. There are other ways to make money online though. You can sell someone else’s product or service (affiliate marketing), you can be a middleman so to speak and broker other people’s goods or services. The other way to make money online is often overlooked by many. WORK. Thats right, be an online tutor, be a webmaster, do web design, be an online life coach, proof reader, copywriter, ….the list goes on and on. In order to work for yourself you have to market yourself and learn how to get people to hire you. The last but definately not least way to make money online is through social network marketing. Different than mlm, social network marketing takes advantage of the social network that you already have in place to leverage profits.

Hands down the fastest and easiest way I have discovered to make money online is through social network marketing. This newer method of marketing commonly targets networks such as Facebook, twitter, Digg, Bebo, and LinkedIn. Now keep in mind it takes more work than you might think ( If you consider facebooking and tweeting work). Checkout College Cash Cow. They have a great system setup for social network marketing and I have enjoyed alot of success as a result. Remeber to use good business practises when making money online, nobody likes spam. Good luck out there and don’t get scammed!

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