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Making money online is very easy. That’s what I thought anyway, until I was spending the money, not making it! It took two years of trial and big errors to learn how to make money online.

I started seven years ago, when I was searching the internet and I found a site that said something like: “Learn how to make money online. I thought,”Yeah, that’s me!”

So I went ahead and bought a program for about ninety U.S. dollars. It was about ten pages in length and had a basic understanding of how to make money online with AdWords. I thought I knew everything about this now, and will make tons of money online, excellent!

I started with Adwords, it was fairly easy to configure. I took a subject to make a simple ad, and put it there in Adwords. I think I spent about one hundred U.S. dollars in the first stages and had nothing to show for it. I therefore complemented by credit card and gave the money eating monster another chance.

Well, I had made my first sale. I was so exited! I was making money online now. I started bringing in a pretty good income I thought, about four to six hundred a week. Then things started to take a dive, I realized that my ad cost more and sales were very low? I kept it for a while and the cost kept increasing per click? I was not happy with that, so I went to my AdWords account and deleted everything and started with the methods of free traffic to make money online.

I’ve built three basic sites, nothing too flash. A lot of Internet sites are based on affiliate marketing. So I built my sites with affiliate offers also. Then I started to build back links to these new sites. I did this for two months in a row, and then my sites started to produce traffic. I noticed that one of the sites had made it into the organic search results pretty fast!

I continued to do the same thing again and again. My other sites appeared in the results as well. Then I realized that you should not throw money on advertising, especially at the stupid price it is today! You need very deep pockets to use the AAdwords method now, and then pray you to benefit from it later.

Not more for me, I would never pay for traffic again! Once you learn how to make money online with ways to get your site listed, you can tilt the tray and let the paid methods fall into the trash, where it belongs! There are much better advertising methods online. Sorry, in my opinion, I think that Adwords is a total rip off! It’s not like it once was.

You are best off to do some research on how to get free traffic and earn money online with your own website or blog. This is the best way to make money online as it costs you nothing in advertising. It takes a while to get the hang of it, but it is well worth it!

There are many sites that will give you basic guidelines on how advertise free, and you can find this information free. Just do your homework.

I spent a lot of money at first attempting to make money online, if I had done some research and learned how to build a website and get free traffic to it. I’d be a little richer today!

Online money making can be a very rewarding job if you know how to get out and start taking this vital information on board. With a little time, you can also make money online using free marketing methods. Good luck!

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