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It’s a Great Big World Out There

by Diane Hughes

In my life, I spend a lot of time online. I’m in the business of helping e-business owners build up their e-business. That requires me to keep myself knee-deep in the e-business world.

But the other day, over breakfast, I was reading the paper and was flipping through the classifieds because a friend was going to have a garage sale and I wanted to see her advertisement. I meant to glance through the “Business Opportunities” section of the classifieds fairly quickly, (because I’m not looking for business opportunities). But as I scanned the page, I noticed a small advertisement promoting a website.

It got me thinking about advertising your online business offline.

Lots of companies do it right now, but it seems to be mostly the big companies that do. However, there’s no reason why smaller companies can’t, either. Sure, you probably don’t have the budget or inclination to advertise on television, like Travelocity.com, for example, but it doesn’t mean that you have to close off the outside world and only advertise in the land of html.

* Have you thought about advertising your online business in the offline world? If you have a well-defined niche, you might consider placing an ad in a trade journal marketing to that niche.

* Or consider putting a bumper sticker on the back of your car (and all of your friend’s cars). This works especially well if you have a website that markets to a local market.

* I was intrigued by the classified ad enough to go online and type in their website. Would it work for your website?

* Find a valuable, inexpensive product you can direct-mail and send it out. For example, your URL on a beautiful calendar will hold a rapt audience for 12 months.

* Offer seminars and workshops in your local area for your target market and mention your website’s URL during class.

Offline advertising – at first glance – seems to work well for advertising in local markets only. That’s slightly true, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. After all, if you’re advertising online, you’re spending a few cents per impression and getting impressions all over the world. On the other hand, you can spend the same amount of money to get several impressions in a small area. It’s like going from an mile wide and an inch deep to an inch wide and a mile deep. And (depending on your advertising methods and frequency) you just might get the people of that community buzzing about your business enough that you can leverage into other marketing, too.

Here’s an example: if you sell tours to the Mediterranean, create an interesting and unusual URL and advertise it prominently and mysteriously all over a small town. People will click your URL because they want to know why they’ve been seeing it all around town. As you develop an audience from that, create press releases and newspaper articles about the Mediterranean that you can put in the small-town paper. Then, send out press releases online asking, “Why is Smalltown buzzing about the Mediterranean?”

This is just one example of using offline advertising to market your online business. Can you think of more?


Diane Hughes
ProBizTips Weekly

Diane has touched on a subject that I have been using for awhile now,
and that is why I included this article.
You don`t have to be big to advertise offline, just be effective and success will come to you!

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