What a huge week!

6:37 pm marketing stuff

Well this week has been huge, and it isn`t even over yet!

On tuesday Todd Gross and Derrick van Dyke launched a great new
site that will supply you with a pre-made video for clickbank or
even your very own products.
You’ll have instant access to professional videos that *pre-sell*
the most popular affiliate products on the Internet.

You don’t have to know ANYTHING about video to take
advantage of this UNIQUE system and you don’t even
need a website to rock your affiliate commissions
into the stratosphere!

This is a “digital rush”…

At the moment they are offering a Free 7 day trial so you can
use the system, and see how great these videos work.

Take a look here at Presalevideos.com

The other great thing to happen this week, was the call yesterday afternoon between
Russell Brunsen and Mike Filsaime.
This call went over 3hours with russell and Mike grilling each other about their
respective businesses. Then those lucky enough to get on the 1st call line (first 250),
got to ask questions of Mike and russell.

Now the recording of this 3 hour interview is only available to those of us lucky
enough to buy Russell Brunsen`s 12 month millionaire product, thru
Mike Filsaime.

This will be available very soon for people to purchase, so stay tuned.
I only got to listen in for a short period, and cannot wait to hear the
complete audio.

To finish the week for me, my wife and I will be celebrating our 1st
wedding anniversary on sunday, and as I am away working until friday
I am looking forward to getting home.

Well until next time.


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