Where has 2007 Gone?

6:53 pm Great new sites, marketing stuff

Well where DID it GO?

Last minute I looked it was october and now we are days away from 2008.

If you are like me you are trying to juggle a JOB, family, affiliate products and the rest of the
time you are attempting to produce your own products……WOW and sleep?? what was that?

I have been very busy these past months designing and setting up my first monthly member
site and I hope to launch on January 2nd 2008
The niche I have 30 years experience as a proffessional in, is Western Horse Riding, which to most of you will be very foreign.

If you are horse inclined though have a look from January 2 at http://rideontheweb.com

My other inspiring news, is that the recording and transcripts from the interview that
Mike Filsaime and Russell Brunson did, are now available..

The call itself is huge, with these two guys openly discussing the methods that they have
used in the last three (3) years to build their online empires.
It runs for 3hours and 15 minutes with the last 1hour and 15 being subscribers who where
live on the call asking questions to the guys and being answered honestly.

There really are some great and easy ideas to implement in the call, but if you would prefer
to read the 88 page transcript, that is included also for a limited time.
I have added some other great bonuses also, so be sure to check it out at :


As a goal for all of us to aspire to, I have also included this picture of the H2 Hummer
that Mike won, as the winner of Russell`s affiliate contest for his 12 month millionaire launch.

mf hummer h2 small 400x275 Where has 2007 Gone?

It goes to show what a little hard work can achieve and we All can be at that level some day!

All the best for 2008.


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