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Who needs cash worse than college students? We’ve all heard the tales of ramen noodles and easy mac for dinner. Now, college students are earning easy money for themselves using Making Money Online

The site is simple, yet effective. Members earn money by utilizing their social skills; many of which, they already use on a daily basis. Depending on which membership you choose, you will earn $9.99 or $14.99 for each and every member you recruit to sign up at the site.

Think for a moment how many Facebook friends and Twitter followers you have. Now, imagine if you got $9.99 or $14.99 for every single one of them. Do the math. It could be some major income for yourself. Once you factor in all the other ways you can get people to join, including setting up a blog or talking on forums, the possibilities seem infinite.

The most creative and clever members are earning the most money. You could simply hang a few flyers up around your campus and BOOM, you have a few hundred extra dollars sitting in your bank account. I’ve also seen some members promoting the site, and themselves, on Youtube. Keep in mind, the more people who see the site and sign up, the more money you make for yourself.

The entire process consists of:


Now imagine all of the things a typical college student could use this site for. A clever member could earn enough money in his or her spare time to pay for school books, cell phone bills, food costs, and any one of the other various, inevitable expenses they’re going to incur.

Here are just a few ways you could make money using

1) Facebook friends (groups, fan pages, status updates, etc.)
2) MySpace messages
3) Send tweets out on your Twitter account and start earning $
4) Post flyers around campus on bulletin boarfds, benches, etc.
5) Write a blog
6) Make YouTube videos
7) Use craigslist
8) Don’t forget simple WORD OF MOUTH

How many people do you know and/or are connected with in some way? Start turning these people into real DOLLARS for yourself. It’s so simple and you could make some easy extra cash for yourself.

Visit here: Work From Home

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About the Author: S.C. McCoy regularly investigates the various money making ventures on the internet. The ventures are then tried out and reviewed. All opinions are his own and expressed with the intention of helping other make money online. Making money online can be a confusing and arduous process. These reviews are intended to help people decide which sites they should visit and participate it.

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